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Item # Camcarb 2600/3500 Chemical Filter, Camcarb 2600/3500

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Camcarb 2600/3500

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A range of molecular filter solutions using pleated media loaded with adsorbents in a range of framing options.

To suit all locations in the cleanroom ventilation system. Molecular filter solutions are available for vir tually all installation designs and applications.

Camcarb cylinders are the high performance robust solution to molecular pollution in makeup applications. The cylinders can be filled with different grades of activated carbon and Camcarb is therefore a highly flexible molecular filtration system. Camcarb metal cylinders are easily refillable and so maintenance costs are minimal.

  • Different framing options for 305 x 610 and 610 x 610 mm and two different cylinder lengths (450 mm and 600 mm)
  • Many activated carbon options to suit different needs
  • appr. 69 litre for a 610 x 610 x 525 -2600 unit appr. 91 litre for a 610 x 610 x 675 - 3500 unit
  • SS, GS or plastic cylinders

  •  Specifications  

    Make-up Air


    Initial Efficiency

    Typically > 95 %

    Rated Face Velocity

    e.g. 2 m/s (depends on configuration)

    Pressure drop

    100 Pa (3500)

    Activated Carbon Media

    Yes pellets/granular

    Ion Exchange Media


    Frame Material

    ABS+HDPE, SS or Galv. S

    Particle Filtration


    Available sizes

    610 x 610 x 525 (2600) mm
    305 x 610 x 525 (2600) mm
    610 x 610 x 675 (3500) mm
    305 x 610 x 675 (3500) mm

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