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Item # Gigapleat Chemical Filter, Gigapleat NXPC (cell)

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Gigapleat NXPC (cell)

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A range of molecular filter solutions using pleated media loaded with adsorbents in a range of framing options.

To suit all locations in the cleanroom ventilation system. Molecular filter solutions are available for vir tually all installation designs and applications.

A four V-cell type chemical filter – Ideal solution for cleanroom recirculation and MUA applications for AMC removal.

  • Low pressure drop
  • High media cleanliness
  • Galvanised steel construction with negligible outgassing
  • Plastic frame with high chemical resistance and low out-gassing
  • Sizes: 610 x 610 x 292, 594 x 594 x 292 mm, 1/2 sizes

  •  Specifications  

    Make-up Air


    Recirculation Units




    Initial Efficiency

    Typically > 95 %

    Rated Face Velocity

    2.0 m/s (610 x 610)

    Pressure drop

    50 Pa

    Activated Carbon Media


    Ion Exchange Media


    Frame Material

    ABS or Galv. S

    Particle Filtration


    Available sizes

    610 x 610 x 292 mm
    594 x 594 x 292 mm (half size versions)

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