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AirBlock Softwall Cleanroom Systems

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AirBlock Softwall Systems

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AirBlock, the #1 specified cleanroom curtain in the industry, is a proven performer. Combined with our mounting systems and frame options, AirBlock offers you exactly what you expect in a softwall – modularity, ease of use, and cleanroom reliability you can count on.

  • The Simplex difference is our line of patented mounting systems, all designed to meet your specific cleanroom needs.
  • Minimum .040 thick clear vinyl curtains made from virgin materials come in various colors. Non-outgassing and ESD-resistant versions are available. These fireretardant materials are suitable for all classes of cleanrooms.
  • Our custom design and fabrication expertise guarantees you the right cleanroom curtain, mounting and frame for every application.


    · AirBlock Softwall Systems - Construction

    · AirBlock Softwall Systems - Cleaner Inner Zones

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    · AirBlock Softwal Systems - Strip Doors