• AirLock Enclosure Systems

    The manufacturing dilemma: You need a reliable, proven enclosure for clean manufacturing, but you know that in a year you will need to double or triple that space.
    The answer: The Simplex AirLock cleanroom enclosure! It is modular and expands easily to meet your evolving cleanroom requirements.

    • Suitable for ISO 8 (class 100,000) to ISO 4 (class 10) requirements. Can be designed as a single pass or recirculating airflow enclosure.
    • The Simplex fully integrated, modular, self-supported cleanroom ceiling system with 2' x 4' grids installs fast and generally requires no overhead support.
    • Choose from a variety of custom door options - swing doors, sliding doors, strip doors, etc.

  • SIS 797 Enclosure

    The SIS 797 Pharmaceutical Cleanroom with ACT! – Active Channel Technology – is a modular enclosure designed specifically for the pharmacy and bio-tech industries as an answer to the challenges of Regulation USP 797, governing compounding procedures:

    • Active Channel Technology allows the frame to accept rigid insert material from 1/8” to 3/8” thick, including acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum and just about any other material.
    • Contaminants have no place to hide. The ACT! design creates a flush surface between the inset panel and frame. Cleaning is quick and effective.
    • Meets ISO 8 (class 100,000) to ISO 4 (class 10) requirements.

  • AirBlock Softwall Systems

    AirBlock, the #1 specified cleanroom curtain in the industry, is a proven performer. Combined with our mounting systems and frame options, AirBlock offers you exactly what you expect in a softwall – modularity, ease of use, and cleanroom reliability you can count on.

    • The Simplex difference is our line f patented mounting systems, all designed to meet your specific cleanroom needs.
    • Minimum .040 thick clear vinyl curtains made from virgin materials some in various colors. Non-outgassing and ESD-resistant versions are available. These fireretardant materials are suitable for all classes of cleanrooms.
    • Our custom design and fabrication expertise guarantees you the right cleanroom curtain, mounting and frame for every application.

  • Softwall Cleanrooms and Portable WorkStations

    The Simplex SIS Modular Frame Cleanroom System, based on a heavy-duty 2-1/8" square frame, provides a variety of truly modular enclosure solutions for cleanrooms, dust control, sound control, safety and other applications. The SIS is built for fast construction and expansion.

    • Suitable for ISO 8 (class 100,000) to ISO 5 (class 100) requirements.
    • The SIS is built around three or foursided modules and knock-together construction.
    • Use the Simplex fully integrated, self-supporting cleanroom ceiling grid. Accommodates HEPA filters & other filtration systems.