• ASA Personnel Entry Air Shower

    Our air showers employ concentrated air flows to lift off contamination while an individual simply moves in or walks through a specially constructed air chamber.

    • Standard operating time 0-120 seconds
    • Air shower delivers moving air at approx. 7500 fpm from 30 adjustable plaastic louvers located in ceiling and sidewalls
    • Return air grilles locasted in the walls of shower. Air filtered through prefilters and HEPA filters is 99.99% efficient in removal of particles to 0.3 ยต (DOP test method)
    • Direct drive, self-cleaning, high pressure radial vane blower. Shipped disassembled for on-site assembly
    • Air shower incorporates a control panel plug-in system requiring location power source
    • Fluorescent lighting. 3 phase 208/220V approx. 10 amp run, 440/480V 3 phase 60 Hz, run amp 5.0
    • Stainless steel (optional)
    • Cold rolled steel (optional)