The Hospi-Gard® IsoClean® CM is a self-contained, ceiling mounted, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system designed to easily and economically create a negative pressure isolation room that will meet OSHA and CDC TB guidelines. The IsoClean® CM mounts easily into a standard 2 x 4 ft (595mm x 1190mm) ceiling grid and other ceiling types to simplify the conversion of a standard room into a negative pressure isolation room for possible use with patients known or suspected of having TB, SARS or other infectious diseases.

The air passing through the HEPA filter is cleansed of 99.99% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 micron and may be exhausted directly to the exterior by attaching flexible ducting to an optional 12 in. (294mm) duct collar positioned on the top of the unit.

The IsoClean CM filter contains 220 square feet (20.44 square meters) of media to extend the usable lifetime before filter loading occurs, resulting in decreased cost and fewer filter changes.

Standard Features
Low Cost Isolation Room - The IsoClean® CM easily and economi cally converts a standard room into a negative pressure, patient isolation room without major room renovations.
Adjustable Airflow - With variable speeds up to 700 cubic feet (CFM) or 1190 m3/hr, the IsoClean® CM provides effective air filtration for a wide variety of room sizes.
Room Air Changes Per Hour - Provides up to 24 room air changes per hour(ACH) in atypical 18x12x8ft(5.2x 35.2 x 2.35 m) patient room or 12 ACH for rooms up to 3,500 cubic feet (99.1 cubic meters).
Space Saving Ceiling Mounted DesignThe IsoClean® CM installs directly into a T-bar ceiling grid system and other ceiling types, leaving critical floor space open.
Simple Maintenance - The HEPA filter, prefilterand motor/blower are easily accessible from within the room for ease of replacement or maintenance by authorized personnel.
Quiet Operation - The IsoClean® CM will not disturb others nearby — less than 57 dBA measured 30 in. (735 mm) from the filter face while on its highest speed.
Warranty - Limited 1-year warranty.
Unit of Measure


Dimension A

N/A 47.87 "1171 mm

Dimension B

N/A 23.81 "583 mm

Dimension C

N/A 17.50 "428.7 mm

UL Listed

N/A All Parts

Maximum BTU/Hr

N/A 1508


N/A Variable to 700 CFM (1,190 m³/hr)
Power Requirements1 N/A 4.2 A (2.0 A)

Shipping Weight

N/A 78 lbs35.38 kg


N/A Welded aluminum filter plenum and blower housing, sealed airtight.


N/A Woven polyester media in a removable frame extends the life of the HEPA filter.

Motor/Blower Assembly

N/A Direct drive, continuous duty 480 Watt motor with sealed-for life bearings and inherent overload protection located on the "clean side" of the filter. Motor/blower assembly is mounted utilizing vibration dampening rubber and is designed to provide rated airflow through a 50% increase in initial static pressure.


N/A Standard 115 V, single phase, 60 Hz with 7/8-in. (21.4mm) conduit knock-out. Standard 220 V, 50 Hz (22.2m) conduit knock-out. Optional remote mounted "ON/OFF" switch with speed control allows the unit to be turned on from either inside or outside the room. Optional hospital grade power cord available.

Hospital Applications

N/A Aerosol PentamidineTreatment Bronchoscopy Rooms Emergency Rooms Intensive Care Units Negative Pressure Rooms Renal Dialysis Rooms Sputum Induction Waiting Rooms

Other Applications

N/A Addiction Recovery Centers Clinics Correctional Facilities Homeless Shelters Nursing Centers Physician Offices


N/A 1/4 in.-20 Eyebolts (set of 4), Part No. 62529-001 12 in. (294mm) Exhaust Collar, Part No. 24335-001 Annunciator, Part No. 63338 Anti-microbial Prefilter, Part No. 38101-002 Hospital grade Power Cord, Part No. 10660 Room Pressure Monitor, Part No. 63337 Unit with Lockable Remote Speed Control, Part No. 10970-003 Unit with Remote Speed Control, Part No. 10970-002 Unit with ULPA Filter Upgrade, Part No. 10970-004

  • 1 Amps @ 115V/60 Hz (230V/50 Hz)