LPD Series PTFE Membrane Filters for State-of-the-Art Cleanroom Requirements
  • PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) membrane combines ultra-high efficiency with negligible pressure drop
  • High resistance to corrosive environments (acid, alkali and organics)
  • Negligible off-gassing properties (boron, sodium, potassium, silicon)
  • 99.99995% minimum efficiency on MPPS
  • Meets I300I specifications and is UL 900, Class 1, approved design
  • 8 Pleats per inch allows for increased media content in shallower pack depths
  • Superior durability over conventional media
The AAF MEGAcel line of PTFE membrane filters is designed to meet stringent semiconductor industry Cleanroom filtration requirements for fab’s, modular, mini and microenvironments, as stated in the I300I specifications.

The MEGAcel was developed to provide extremely high particulate efficiencies combined with low pressure drops and negligible off-gassing properties.
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